Residential & Commercial Window Tinting in Reno, NV


Solar films add a valuable layer of protection to your home or business. All of my films no matter what the shade block of 99% of damaging UV rays. You can block out the suns blinding glare without losing your view. Softer light tones make solar film more appealing than any blinds, screens or curtains.



Solar films

Solar film in Reno, NV comes in many variations depending on your goal. Reflective films can block up to 82% of solar heat and add great privacy with a modern look. Ceramic films offer very similar heat rejection with more of a natural non tinted look.All home window tinting films block 99% of damaging UV rays.

Decorative films

Decorative window film in Reno, NV can add total privacy while still allowing natural light. This film is great for dividing rooms with a modern look.

Graffiti films

Graffiti films are a very affordable option for any home or business subject to vandalism. This film applies to the outside of the glass protecting it from any deep scratching or spray paint. This film is easily replaced rather than the entire piece of glass.


Security films

Security films in Reno, NV serve as a strong layer of protection to discourage any vandal trying to get through them. They hold any type of glass together making it take several minutes to break through rather than a few seconds. This film is often bonded to the glass frame with a heavy duty silicon bonding agent.

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