Hot House? Here's How You Can Keep It Cool

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If the hot Nevada sun is taking a toll on your home's temperature, there are ways to keep it cool without relying on the AC. To avoid spikes in your electric bill this summer, consider these three unique ways you can lower your home's temperature without breaking the bank.

Window tinting

That's right, tinting your window isn't just for your car. Window tinting and solar film use for your windows is a great way to lower your home's internal temperature and add a creative flair to your home. Window tint for the home often utilizes a collection of metals or dyes in order to block 99% of harmful UV radiation. 

Solar film and other types of window tint generally do four things for your home: it reduces the amount of heat in your home by insulating your windows; it lowers UV ray damage; it diminishes glare; it balances hot and cold spots within your home. You can save an estimated 40% on your electric bills just by tinting your windows. This method is essential for homes in chronically hot areas. Look for reliable residential window tinting near you. 

Maintain your AC unit

No house in Nevada can survive without an AC unit in the summer. Try raising your AC's temperature when you're not home -- this way, you won't be expending valuable energy on an empty home. While it might be tempting to change it by a large margin, only raise the temperature by a few degrees; this will enable your air conditioner to get back to a more comfortable temperature more easily when you get home. 

Additionally, don't forget to clean your filters regularly and remove any dust accumulation. This will improve your air quality and make your air conditioner run better. Coupling your improved air conditioner use with your new window tint will save you even more money.

Improve your grilling skills

One of the best parts about living in Nevada is the ability to grill nearly all year long. If you typically cook indoors, consider honing your grilling expertise; using your stove or oven can increase the temperature of your home to uncomfortable levels. Taking it outside will prevent heat accumulation indoors. You can even make desserts and pizzas on your grill! Look up some new recipes to impress your neighbors and keep your home cool in these hot summer months. 

Using one or all of these ideas is a great way to lower your energy bill this summer. If you're looking for reliable window tinting near you, consider calling Northern Nevada Window Tinting at (775) 291-2209 today to get a professional, hassle-free experience for your home.

Taylor Swanson